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Reine & zertifizierte Kosmetik

Versandkostenfrei ab 75€

Versandkostenfrei ab 75€

Die Gesundheit Ihrer Haut, ist unser größter Qualitätsanspruch.

100% natürlich und zertifiziert

Das Maxcos Reinheitsgebot

  • 100% natürliche Substanzen
  • Morgentau auf Alpenflora
  • Full of amino acids
100% natürliche Substanzen

Maxcos hyaluron Mask are recommended ...

It fits perfectly

-For mature skin
-For sun-damaged skin
-For the prevention of signs of skin aging
-Reduce dryness wrinkles
-For pregnant women
-For allergic skin
-As a fresh cure for the skin
-No alcohol, flavor, or mineral oil added


Silk mask material  means

1. The silk material is very thin, transparent, and has excellent air permeability. There are full of small holes on it. The direct feeling which gives us is not suffocated or stuffy, and there will be no feeling of covering the face instead of feeling like plastic paper.

2. The silk has excellent elasticity and toughness, the corners of our nose and mouth can be tightly filled, so it has a high degree of compliance when applying , and it will not fall off during cleaning up or doing exercise.

3. The silk material is a good carrier of hyaluronic acid. It can absorb more hyaluronic acid essence than ordinary mask paper of the same size without dripping.

4. The silk itself is rich in a variety of amino acids and proteins. Through the properties of silk protein, the nutrients in the mask can be transferred to our face without damage,in order to repair damaged skin better .

Morgentau auf Alpenflora

Water is the source of beauty...

Ordinary masks use distilled water. After being applied to the face, evaporation will take away even more water from the face, resulting in "fake moisturizing". Maxcos realizes that water sources play a vital role in the quality of the mask.

The average altitude of the Alps is above 4000 meters. The Alps dew is extremely pure and rich in high-standard minerals such as calcium and silicon, which can strengthen the skin barrier and soothe the skin and work as an excellent carrier for hyaluronic acid and plant extracts.

Full of amino acids

What can 10 different kinds of amino acids give you...

In the ingredient list of maxcos, there are ten different kinds of amino acids. The more amino acids it has, the better hydration effect it will be, and give you skin-friendly feeling.

The amino acid itself will not cause any irritation to your skin, which is recognized as the premium moisturizing ingredient in cosmetics .

Our mask contains 18 kinds of plants(move on them to see details)

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